Rental Licence Agreement

I (the tenant) understand that:
1. Having inspected the premises, I agree to accept the said premises in their present condition as inspected by the rental agent, with respect to the cleanliness of the premises:
2. I agree that notice to terminate a monthly tenancy shall be given not later than the last of any month to be effective on the last day of the immediately following month. For example, in order to vacate the premises on January 31, I must give notice to the landlord on or before December 31. If a late notice is given, the tenant will be responsible for that month’s rent.
3. I agree that I am responsible for all damages and or defacing caused by me or any of my guests to my premises or public premises in the building. Such damage will be reported to the landlord promptly and damages are to be rectified and paid for as quickly as possible.
4. I understand that I must have insurance coverage such as a Tenant Pak, on my belongings and personal liability coverage before I take possession of the said premises and that I assume all responsibility for any loss or damage to property I store in the premises.
5. I further acknowledge that 6347381 MB. Ltd may increase the rental rates at any time but will give a months’ notice before doing so.
6. Upon acceptance, by agreeing to this form, this offer and the terms hereon, together with the rules, regulations and conditions shall constitute a binding:

Rules, Regulations & Conditions
These rules, regulations, and conditions must be adhered to by all tenants and their guests. A clean and well kept premise is our aim and should be the aim of all the tenants.
1. Rent will be billed monthly.
2. The unit will be locked up when a rent payment for a unit is overdue by more than 1 month.
3. No storing of hazardous or flammable substances such as paint thinners, gasoline, propane, butane, oxygen, etc.
4. When you are vacating the premises the tenant MUST make an appointment with our rental agent to inspect the premises with the tenant present. All rent owing and any cost of damages must be paid at that time.
5. If the rental payments are not paid in full within 30 days of the due date, including late charges, the Landlord may, at his/her option, declare the tenant in default. No notice need be given of said default. The Landlord may, at his/her option, remove Tenant’s lock at Tenant’s expense when default occurs to appraise the stored contents for sale. The tenant’s file will be passed on to Central Collection Agency.
6. In the event of default in the payment of rent provided herein, the Landlord may, with or without notice to the Tenant, take possession of the leased premises, together with all property therein. Upon default, the Landlord may, at his/her option, exercise all his/her rights available by law, including possession and sale of storage contents. All cost of moving, storage and/or sale of goods associated with default shall be borne by the Tenant. The tenant’s file will be passed on to Central Collection Agency.

By agreeing to this lease, I fully understand all rules, regulations and conditions and agree to abide by them. Dated
In the year 2022 Manitoba.